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Neosonic B10 Hearing Aid Neosonic MX Hearing Aid Neosonic Mx-Ric Hearing Aid
Was $600
$299.00 /pair
Was $699
$449.00 /pair
Was $799
$499.00 /pair
Style BTE - Behind the Ear BTE - Behind the Ear RIC - Receiver in Canal
Size Normal Normal Small
Working Time Per-charge
Working Time Per-charge 20 hours 20 hours 18 hours
Micro Chips
Micro Chips Onsemi Intricon 4-channel Intricon 8-channel
Built-in Programs
Built-in Programs 3 4 4
Sound Quality
Sound Quality Good Great Premium
Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Severe Hearing Loss
Severe Hearing Loss
Style of Ear Domes
Style of Ear Domes Vented, Close Vented, Close Vented, Close
Portable Charging
Portable Charging
Dual Microphone Noise Cancelling
Dual Microphone Noise Cancelling
Dynamic Compression
Dynamic Compression
Water Resistance
Water Resistance

Why Neosonic is the best hearing aid for you

Hearing Aids Designed by Audiologists and FDA Regestered

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Easy to use hearing aids that do not require hearing tests and setup quickly

Superiro Sound
Superior Sound

Multiple settings for different listening environments & selectively amplifies human voices

High Quality
High Quality

Hearing aids with digital sound quality and clarity with noise canceling and no whistling

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing

Neosonic cut off the middle man to offer you 100% what you need for 80% less

Hearing Aid Reviews

"I've spent more than $7000 on hearing aids over the years and they were all just okay. My neighbor told me he loved Neosonic, so I gave them a shot. I can finally hear well, even in noisy restaurants! The price was so low that I thought it would just fall apart. Nope, they are very high-quality, I am very impressed!"
"I did not realize how much sound I was missing. Thank you!"
"I could not afford hearing aids until now. It is such a blessing to have my hearing back! Change really was needed in the hearing aid industry, glad prices are finally affordable."

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45-Day Trial Period


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How are your hearing aids priced so low?

Quality hearing aids cost a fortune! That's why Neosonic cut out the middle man to offer you 100% what you need for 80% less. By eliminating fees like wholesale markup, retail markup, service costs, and the many other unnecessary fees and selling to you direct you can now save 80% of the cost of traditional hearing aids. 

Save even more, skip the ear doctor

Our hearing aids are adjustable, no need For a hearing test

Our hearing aids were designed by audiologists. Audiologists understand that the majority of hearing needs are similiar. So, you no longer need a custom fit hearing aid; Neosonic hearing aids are adjustable!