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At Neosonic, we believe that you should have the best hearing aids at 80% of the cost. We see first hand how great hearing changes people's lives and that keeps us constantly motivated to pursue excellence in hearing aid technology. 

We saw how inflated the cost of hearing aids was and knew that by cutting out the middle man and removing unnecessary fees we could make hearing aids affordable to everyone with hearing difficulties. 

The way we live and technology changes quickly, because of this we are endlessly working with audiologists to continue to tweak and improve Neosonic hearing aids. We are kind of relentless... 

We realize that it it just not enough to make the best hearing aids affordable. We also offer an excellent customer service experience. Shopping for hearing aids is difficult and doing it online can be even trickier. This is why we offer opportunities for people to try our hearing aids and feel certain that Neosonic is right for them. We offer free 3-day shipping, free return shipping, a 45-day trial period, and a free 1-year warranty (that's the best warranty in the hearing aid industry).

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If you need help selecting the right hearing aid for you or if you need assistance with your current Neosonic hearing aids, we are happy to help!

Phone: 1-800-765-9908
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