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Neosonic B10 Hearing Aids
High Performance

High Power

Easy operation

Portable Charger

$600 $299


Neosonic MX-RIC Hearing Aids
8-Channel WDRC

Receiver in Canal

Dual Microphone


$1200 $499


Neosonic NW10 Pro
NW10 Pro
Neckband Style

Wireless Remote Microphone

Loud and Clear

50 Hours Per Charge

$189 $159



Discover Unmatched Hearing Quality with Neosonic Hearing Aids

Expertly Crafted by Audiologists, FDA Registered, and Tailored to You!

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Easy to use hearing aids that do not require hearing tests and setup quickly

Superiro Sound
Superior Sound

Multiple settings for different listening environments & selectively amplifies human voices

High Quality
High Quality

Hearing aids with digital sound quality and clarity with noise canceling and no whistling

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing

Neosonic cut off the middle man to offer you 100% what you need for 80% less

Hearing Aid Reviews

customer 1

...considering the price as compared to those available at Costco, this makes it affordable to keep elderly dementia patient in touch with family...

Helen Irwin

customer 2

I AM AMAZED! I have ordered at least 8 different hearing aids and I received this product this afternoon ... surprised at the sensitivity and clarity using just the lowest level ...

Warren A. Hall

customer 3

... so very impressed with this device. No whistling at all, very powerful for such a small device! ... thank you for making such a good product that actually does what is advertised

Robert Craig

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B10 Hearing Aids with a Portable Charger


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NW10 Pro Neckband Hearing Amplifier