Neosonic Hearing Aid Reviews

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Two thumbs up!

The amplifiers are amazing. I love the size, they fit so well behind my ears and are comfortable in my ears. I had a a pair from a different manufacturer and the were big and bulky, I couldn't wear a mask and the amplifiers at the same time. The size of the Neosonics allows me to wear them, a mask, AND my sunglasses! And for the cherry on top- the customer service. The customer service alone gets 5 stars!!! This was worth every penny.

Background noise

I am happy with my hearing aid other than the background noise. Maybe after a little while i will get use to it. I have only had it for a week now. Will review it in a month from now.

Background noise

I live in an assisted living place and have to go the dining room to eat and the background noise is loud. Thought that this one would help but so far not helping.

Excellent sound!

Neosonic MX-RIC Hearing Aids are very impressive. The audio quality is true to life. Squelching is minimal. Each hearing aid is small, lightweight, and fit well. The batteries last 20 hours,

I like the fact that I can use the mode to reduce sharp noises. Makes them easier to wear in noisy environments.

works GREAT - BUT ...

We've been using this now for only 2 hours. We are thrilled. I went through five different Technologies for my 93 year old mother-in-law. All worked to a point. I cannot recommend this high enough to anyone who has a family member who is hard of hearing for normal conversations.
All the other Technologies worked well for enhancing her TV usage. None worked very well for normal conversations, whether we spent $30 or 90 dollars or $200 or $2,000.
Her face lit up the second I said "how well can you hear me speaking now from across the room"
Here's my very strong suggestion for the manufacturer. I am sure we're not the only ones who assist the elderly to Don the equipment. There needs to be an external visual indication of mode 1 or mode 2
It's not sufficient to say 'Do you hear one beep or two beeps when I press the mode button'
Also, there should be an easy way to put the system in pause remotely, so as not to wear out the battery when they nap or listen to the TV through the special audio system be made for her.
Cannot speak to the 10-hour battery life, but that would be problematic, as I imagine cannot be used while charging.
The device is light enough to put a second battery in and get 20 hours of use and let it charge overnight.
In summary, absolutely thrilled with our device.

I can hear the birds again!

I bought the Neosonic Neckband after I lost one of my expensive hearing aids that went flying outside when I needed to remove my Covid-19 mask for a moment. I couldn't afford to replace the hearing aid. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because in many ways the NEOSONIC is superior! For me anyway it makes sounds more vibrant than my remaining hearing aid does. And I find it to be more comfortable to wear with masks and headbands and baseball caps, too. I love being able to hear clearly again 💗


I would like to know the size before I order. I lost my L high priced hearing aid & I am very interested in this MX-RIC . Please & Thank you

Absolutely worth every penny!

Great product, it works perfectly! And to think that I almost fell on the trap of those hearing aids ( that my doctor recommended) which cost a fortune...$2,900 a pair???

I'm so happy I followed my husband's advice and looked for a hearing aid online. It cost more than ten times less than those with fancy names and crazy prices. I have found it easy to wear and nobody can see it, even though I keep my hair very short.

Finally, something that works as promised

I tried a couple of other hearing aids that promised great hearing, comfortable to wear, etc. They were wrong. I saw this, figured it makes more sense, so I ordered it. Well, it does work and I'm able to be a part of conversations that I've been missing out on because I only catch a few words, if any. Now I hear everything. My wife has tried it a few times up at church for Bible study and she says it works great for her as well. So she is now going to order her own unit. I'm looking forward to our church small group meetings so I can share this with some of the others who have hearing problems as well. This one does as it promises.

Neosonic hearing aids are perfection. Don't spend a fortune on prescription aids. Buy these.

I have a moderate hearing loss. Prescription hearing aids cost 3000 dollars. I couldn't afford them. Plus my aunt has them and has a lot of trouble with them. Ordered the neosonic aids from Amazon. They are amazing. The clarity and control of frequency is excellent. No screech or background noise. Easy to insert. In short, they are perfection. When I remove them at night all sounds seem so far away so I think my hearing loss is beyond moderate. When I insert these aids in in a different world. Do not spend a fortune for hearing aids buy this product. You will be happy as a clam with them.......Renee from Yonkers.

Best yet

I hear better with these hearing aides than others I have tried. It is prbblably because the mic is in the earpiece. No more buying batteries. I highly recommend this product.

At last!!

After years of using hearing devices with wires hanging everywhere, I finally came across the Neosonic neckband listener. Not only is the sound much crisper, but having the option of two different mics, or just one or the other, is a whole different ballgame. And, no wires! After 20 years I've finally gone wireless. I'm spreading the word to all my friends and family, and anyone else who will listen. Thank you Neosonic!

Thank you Kenny! We are very happy our product can help you.

So far, I’m happy with them

I have known that I have hearing loss for some time now, more so in my right ear than my left. I’ve been to two different Audiologists and have tried the the most modern technology out there with a price tag of upwards of $5000 that I was going to use my Care Credit account to pay for. With these, I’m hearing much better and have been told that I speak softer. I bought mine thru Amazon and am making small equal payments without interest instead of $150 a month for a much longer timeframe. I’ll follow up with my review after one month, but I’m thinking these are going to work.

Why did I wait so long?

My wife shamed me into trying a more expensive set of hearing aids. (She has been after me for years). I tried several inexpensive sets and was totally dissatisfied. I told her I would try one more pair and if these did not work, I would go to the doctor for help.

These came earlier than expected (note: signature required for delivery). The packaging was perfect. But the best part was get to come.

I put the aids in both ears and was very surprised. Straight out of the box, they fitted perfectly. I could hear much plainer and was missing very little conversation from about 25 feet away with the volume set on 1. I switched on the tv to a music station and was able to hear the music with the volume on low. I noticed that I was hearing the high frequencies that I had been missing for years.

Just as a comment, everything seems to have a higher pitch which is more natural...It will take a bit to adjust to this. Also, I can hear myself maybe a bit to loudly.

Yes, it has improved my hearing and most likely will yours unless you are almost deaf. I highly recommend these hearing aids

Not working 4 me

Amazing product

I purchased this hearing device for my 93 year old mother. As soon as we out it on the was amazed how well she could hear! She can now here her great granddaughter chatted away! I would recommend this device to those who have a significant hearing loss as my mother has! Thank you! I also cut one of the tubes too short. I contacted customer service and they sent new tubes. I received them in two days! I am very impressed. I don't normally write reviews, but I am so impressed with the unit and customer support, I had to submit this review. Thanks to you so very much. My mom is back into the hearing world again!

Mini RIC Hearing Amplifier after 1 year

These Mini RIC Hearing Amplifiers are the best hearing aides I have ever used. They are light weight, I hardly know they are there, they are crystal clear, with a lot of head room to turn up the volume if you need to. They stay in the ear easily even without the security plastic, no need for it. I also can wear sunglasses and a hat without interfering with the aides. I wear them 16 hours each day with total comfort. I am totally satisfied with these and highly recommend them and this company to anyone needing to hear better and enjoy their life more.

Neosonic XP Rechargeable Hearing Aid with Dual Microphone, Telecoil and Portable Charging Case(Pair)
Riley Powers

I can hear conversations so much easier and connect to my university's lecture halls wonderfully.


After trying 3 different Bluetooth headphones to connect to my TV, I gave up until I found the NEOSONIC wireless headset. No Bluetooth required. No big clunky headphones. No need to change settings on my TV. I never thought of hearing aids as an option! They are exactly what I have wanted. I can still keep volume on TV for others, and wear my NESONIC headset for myself. They are EASY to set up, and after charging, they are already connected to the remote microphone. Just turn on the headset and the remote microphone. I love them. They will travel with me wherever I go!

Great functionality in a low - cost alternative!

These hearing devices work better than the ones I had to take out a loan to purchase in the past! The different noise-reduction modes are perfect for my job where noise levels can rapidly increase and decrease. Since they are rechargeable and they charge in 2 hours and last for a whole day without a charge, I no longer have to hunt for the weird-sized batteries that come in hearing aids!


Would give 10 stars if i could. Can't express my hapiness with words. This IS just a miracle, a life saver. May Allah bless whoever made this. You don't even know how delighted i am with your product.
I lead a better life now. Thank you 1000 Times !
PS: do not mind m'y bad english. I'm a francophone (senegalese).
PPS: IS it possible to connect this with the Bose hear app?

Hearing Again

Hearing Again and happy that I purchased these hearing aids. They really work. They are a fraction of the cost of expensive hearing aids and provide a great sound and you can sounds that were forgotten because of hearing loss. I have emailed and called Neosonic and they are responsive and provide immediate support as promised.

The Neosonic SF model checks all the boxes.

After having a $5,000 pair of hearing aids fail in just two plus years I did much research and decided to try the Neosonic hearing aid. It cost me just over 10% of what my previous hearing aids. Result, the Neosonic SF are outstanding. The self hearing test and automatic adjustment to your hearing needs proved to work beyond expectation. If you want to achieve great hearing at a fraction of the cost The Neosonic SF is the clear choice.

A Miracle!

I wish I had this ten years ago for my 95 year old mom. I cannot believe how much she can hear, especially since she only has one hearing ear! No more shouting and the TV is at a normal volume. There's more conversation because we are not shouting and repeating anymore. She can even hear me when I am in the basement, speaking in a normal tone!! It's a Godsend and I hope it works for everyone as well as it has for us.