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neosonic hearing aids

I use mine aids almost all waking hours. I have had no problems. I recommend them to other people.

B10 Hearing Aids.

I just received my pair,,I love the ease of use,,and the price can’t be beat,,shipping was prompt and super fast..
I’ve worn hearing aids for prior provider was no I needed a new one.
This company I’m staying with.

Great Value!

Purchased the MX-RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids about a month ago... I am very pleased with them and my wife, family and coworkers are even more so! A fraction of the cost of others, simple to use and each of the four settings work exactly as advertised! Even get to hear the birds chirping again!

Neosonic NW10 Neckband Hearing Amplifier Ear Domes (4 Pack)
Merry Kay Hansen (East Peoria, IL, US)
Wonderful Unit

We purchased the Neosonic Hearing Device for my 90 yr old husband who also has dementia. He has accepted using this Device, and it is safer. With his hear aids, he was putting them in backwards, without batteries, putting only batteries in his ears. He can hear both people and the TV better with this Device, and we don’t need the TV’s volume at 99%. The nice thing about this Device, I can turn off the Mic unit and it automatically turns off the ear pieces - thus we save the battery time. We are very thankful we found this Device.

Hearing aids

We bought these for my 89 year old MAMA BEAR just to SEE the SMILE ON HER FACE was the 🥰 💞 PERFECT reaction of LOVE that it was worth ever penny! Also When my husband got in the truck talked to her in a NORMAL voice and she answered to quickly MADE BOTH THEIR LIFE AWESOME!!! AMAZING AND REASONABLE PRODUCT WITH THIS DISCOUNT HALF OFF!!!!! ONLY $300!!!

Surprised. Figured I would be sending these back like others I have had. Think they are keepers. Received hearing aids, gave them a charge and put them on. Went to eat with neighbors, surprised by how well they worked. Only had them a week and I am sure I will keep them. Only one bad experience. Went out to eat at a restaurant that was very noisy. Had to take them out. If I had ear plugs I would of put them in! So far I would recommend you give them a try.

Marked Difference

The first thing I noticed was the ability to hear each source of sound individually. The fireplace is to my right and district.
The TV is to my left and again occupied a different range of my aural levels.
They weigh little and are comfortable for long periods of time.
I find it easier to adjust the on/off switch (or program) when the unit is in my hand and not on my ear. Volume is not an issue.
I do wish it had the recharge case as the B10. Storage and charging in one form and not two.
The price is more than reasonable compared to what else is offered.
Overall I consider the mx-ric a good buy with interesting technological touches to make them five stars.

Finally I can hear

I've had moderate to severe hearing for quite a few years and have had several different hearing aids. When I received these, and started wearing them, I couldn't believe that I could hear so well. I always had trouble when riding in a car in the back seat. I couldn't hear the folks in the front seat at all. My wife and daughter both talk softly. Well when I put these in , I could hear them both immediately. I've had these since 11-2, and am totally happy with them.

Can you trim the retention wire?

Can you trim the retention wire?

Pleasant surprise

I have worn both cheap and expensive hearing aids for about 4 years. The cheap ones didn't cover the high frequency sounds. Neither did the expensive one. I bought these out of frustration but my expectations were very low. I've only had these for two days but I am hearing sounds that I don't think I've heard for ten years or so. I'm still experimenting with setting, but I think I love them. My audiologist for the single expensive one assured me I would never be able to hear the sounds I'm hearing right now. Surprise!


These hearing aids are the very best I have ever had. They are even better than the ones I got from the ear Doctor.

Perfect for people who have headaches wearing regular hearing aids

I spent over $6,000 to get hearing aids. Every one of them controlled by remote and it goes to ear canal and given me headaches. I end up with having cluster headache. Few months ago my daughter asked me to try out NeoSonic Neckband Listener. I am using this for last several months. I can now listen to every word my wife, doctors speak and listening to TV. I hope NeoSonic will make similar item without wires hanging around.

WOW... The Remote Mic Is Great

All hearing aids should come with a remote mic... At meals I just put the mic in the middle of a table and I can hear everyone equally... watching TV I put the mic on the TV table and my wife controls the volume of the TV and I just adjust the volume on the neckband... it's a perfect


Used to sound like chitter with high squeaky voices. Now I can hear the students individual conversations. Plots uncovered! Unallowed websites heard from across the room! Wow.

Neosonic LED Lighted Magnifying Glass 3x 45x Magnifier Lens for Reading Small Prints & Maps
W.H. (Jonesboro, GA, US)
neosonic reviewq

Good sound except for high frequency voices

Neosonic LED Lighted Magnifying Glass 3x 45x Magnifier Lens for Reading Small Prints & Maps
L.S. (Gardnerville, NV, US)

Before my Neosonic aids, I would her complaints from household members: The TV is too loud! They are perfect for my stage of hearing loss! 'Very clear sound with no distortion. I am very grateful.

hearing aids

My hearing aids came yesterday,I charged them and put them in my ears,instructions said to start out at sound 3 but I could not hear well at that setting,had to turn them to 4 ,I have worn the expensive ones for years which I can't really afford.these neosonic ones are great just as good or better than the high priced ones,they are comfortable.


Meets all my needs
1 price
2. Comfort
3. Ease of use
Cant lose them
wish they came in other colors

Very affordable, great sound and clarity, great customer support

Very good so far, I got these yesterday. Put them on, I like the fit. Very comfortable and small behind my ear. I was concerned about that as I wear glasses.
I have them at the lowest setting and hearing is good. My tinnitus is canceled which is amazing how they can do that.
The clarity verses others Ive tried to really good.
I called customer support today for some questions, Kevin was very helpful and took care of me. Very good customer support.
I didnt want to go with the Dr expensive ($2000 - $8000) hearing aids. Glad I found a good alternative. Saved me a ton of money.
Very happy customer.

Happy So Far

I was looking for an affordable hearing device that would help me hear higher frequencies. I am still trying these babies out, but so far I am very happy with them. I like that they are rechargeable and light weight. My wife didn't even know I was wearing them.

Best we've tried

Happened upon this and bought it for my 80 year old dad -- who has tried and lost multiple traditional hearing aids that never worked well for him in the first place, even the one fitted by the VA. I am not exaggerating when I say that this instantly changed our world -- we don't need to yell for him to hear us, the TV went from volume in the high 30's to him being able to hear it at under 10 ... he can even carry on a conversation WHILE having the TV on. He can hear and carry on conversations in groups! I like that it is simple -- we'd tried various apps that had too much for him to fiddle with, and he'd spend all his time focusing on that. With this, he just switches between the two modes as necessary and then adjusts the volume. We did add textured sticky pads to help him find the buttons which are very small and hard for fingers without a lot of feeling to find. We also added a pad on the microphone to make sure he uses the "on/off button" and not the "sync" button (which are nearly impossible to discern between). It looks like the older version was simpler in that regard, but considering how well this one works, we won't switch since we've made accommodations. I'm not sure how younger people would feel about wearing a device that is visually obvious (for example, the mic flashes while he's wearing it on this lapel), but for someone like my dad who can't believe how well this device works for him, it is worth it. When he's not wearing the mic, he clips it to something larger (like a book or box) so that it doesn't go missing. Having two connected charging cords is a nice feature, and so far he's been good about remembering to keep both parts charged. Highly recommend if you haven't had luck with other options -- relatively inexpensive to try and 100% worth it if it works for you, too.

Clear crisp sound

I bought these for my husband after he tried other inexpensive hearing aids and he has thanked me many times over for the wonderful gift. He said the sound is so clean and he has directional hearing again for the 1st time in years. Other cheap hearing aids had a canned sound and didn't last for more than a few months, since I have a soft speaking voice we both became frustrated with the crappy products available in our budget. I really hope they last.

Great hearing aida

I have used my hearing aids for two weeks and have had excellent results
My hearing aid tests, in the past, indicate that I have severe hearing loss.
I set both ears on 3 and have very good hearing,
I only wish they had a longer warranty,

Fantastic Clear Sound!

Right out of the box, without any fine tuning, hearing aids had a wonderful natural sound. They were even great using my cell phone. No feed back at all.
Even ordered a pair for my wife, super picky about her hearing aids. Took a little bit more tuning to please her. She now said they have the best sound she has ever had we have spent $3000 to $6000 on her aids.
Not just the price I paid for our new aids, they have not just the very best bang for the buck, the sound is far superior in all situations the our previous much more expensive hearing aid had!!
I will recommend these hearing aid to all I know that require hearing help!! Thanks
PS. The new design I believe really helped deliver the Natural sound Voices are sharper even in a crowded room or table. Superb in One on one conversations as. No more trying to read lips ! One word FANTASTIC
Thank Yall so much for producing such a fine instrument !

Initial Impressions

This product is working really well for my wife. As expected - and as noted by the seller -there is a period of adjustment to the device (usually three weeks or so) while your ears become accustomed to it, and we are just at the start of that period. However, we're really impressed so far:
- The sound amplification is dramatic, and there is little feedback or "screeching". Before using them, she couldn't hear the television when it was turned up as high as possible, and now has asked me to turn the TV volume down since beginning use of the amplifiers.
- The units are easy to place in the ears, and they're very inconspicuous when worn.
- Possibly most important, Neosonic customer service has been highly responsive. I had a question about cleaning the units, and the video they provided didn't answer it. Kevin, the customer service representative, worked with me to resolve it. I wasn't sure how well the seller would support this product after purchase, but I didn't need to be.
Again, we're just beginning to use these, but I'm greatly encouraged by what's happened so far and confident it'll continue.