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Works perfect for severe hearing loss

Been hard of hearing since birth. Prescribe hearing aids are broken. Decided to tried OTC hearing aids, none seems to work with the type of hearing loss I have. I decided to try this amplifier neckband, its works perfect for me. I'll recommend this amplifier neckband to anyone with severe hearing loss.

Good product, tech needs to be simpler for elderly

I bought this for my father, who has hearing loss but is also very sensitive to loud noises and background noise, so regular hearing aids are a problem. He also has dementia, so people thought his not participating or tracking conversations was due to that. This proved us all wrong. When using the remote mic, he is able to join the conversation and not be disturbed by loud background noises. The only problem is, it's difficult to know what settings it's on to make it function the way we want for him, and it's also easy for him to accidentally switch modes by handling the collar after I've set it up for him. So this doesn't get used unless I'm there to do it. The staff at the nursing home and my mother (and even brother) can't seem to figure it out. If only this were easier to just turn on and have it function with the remote mic easily, and for others to be able to see the settings, this would be a home run for us. So I'm searching for something else that works like this but is simpler to use. Also, I wish it would have longer battery life.

Older NW10s were good

I had two NW10s because the mics only last 10 hours vs. 20 on the necklace, and the necklaces did not pair well with the other mic. One mic started only lasting 4 to 5 hours. Bought a 3rd NW10.

One side of the other NW10 got plugged. Ordered a 4th NW10 because of the mic pairing problem.

The newer NW10s kept having mic cut-out problems, even just lying watching TV.

The NW20 works MUCH better with the mic and does mic pairing with an older NW10 mic. However, now having troubles with controls on NW20 not working after charging.

Perfect for people who have headaches wearing regular hearing aids

I spent thousands of dollars on Regular Hearing Aids. Always had head aches. I started using Neosonic Head Band. I am enjoying my conversation with my family members, Doctors and Friends without any head ache. I love this unit and enjoying watching TV. I recommended to my friends and relatives. They too are now enjoying having Neosonic Neck Band. I bought one extra as a spare. When I send one unit for repairs I can use spare.

Great hearing aid

I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 24 years. The first pair I had were speaker in the canal. They were great but cost $4800. I wore them until they were no longer useful. Then I went without any aids for awhile until I found my first pair of online aids. The company was very good with exchanges until I got the correct pair. Went through several pairs - when new improved models became available.. The last pair I received I couldn't talk on the phone and sent them back. That's when I found Neosonic MX-RIC. I have been wearing these for several months. It takes a little time to get the correct setting, but once you found it...WOW! What a difference from the other aids. Neosonic MX-RIC is the way to go for me. I can hear a lot that I didn't hear before with the other aids and it has almost no high pitched sounds when inserting or removing the aids. The battery life is good. I did find that my ears produce more wax so I clean them daily. I wear them from morning till bed time and by then I forget I have them on. But when my head hits the pillow and I hear my husband talking to me it dawns to me, why can I understand him? That's when I realize I forgot to take them off. I've tried in the canal aids and behind the ear aids made by several sifferent companies in different price ranges. The Neosonic MX-RIC behind the ear is the best aid for the money for me. BTW I can now use my cell phone.

Perfect for riding on my stationary bike

With the equalization boost right where my hearing loss is greatest. Set up with the remote unit, works fine. Highly recommended.

Best Hearing Aid for your Money

Not only the best for your money, but compared to price range of $3,000 plus hearing aids, I would take this one in a heartbeat! I tried the well advertised cheap ones and the top of the line expensive ones. This is a true hearing aid not an amplifier! The adjustments allow you to customize them for your surroundings and hearing needs. A good feature is after charging they remember your previous settings. I have used them over a year now and had an issue with one of them. Their support team is just as good as their hearing aids, they resolved my issue in a timely manner.
Thank you Neosonic!!!

Good but needs parts

Great buy, except I can't buy the split domes that come with the set. All the other domes are uncomfortable. Need to add those split ones to the order options.

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Just received

I just received these so i need a few days but will update this. I am a retired speech pathologist but i must say hearing aids have changed a great deal. The packaging was very secure and all arrived undamaged. The support service is really good. I will update these comments once I have worn them a little while.

UPDATE. I have a flat bilateral hearing loss of 35% in rt ear and 30% in left. These aides are amazing and a huge cost saver. They are not blue tooth or digital but needed for my type of loss. I have only worn them one day so there is some adjustments my brain and ears will make. I didn't realize what I was missing. Other sounds are very loud to me and I have these set at the lowest setting. Most likely I can get away with only wearing one and wearing my blue tooth for my cell in the other ear. Very pleased. I will get back in a few weeks. I suspect with time I wont be so sensitive to simple things like pots being set on the counter, door slams etc. Also, no one will know you are wearing these. !

Better than $4000 hearing I bought at a retail store

These hearings aids were bought for my Mom. She likes them better than the $4000 pair I bought her from Sams club. Those were good but constantly needed new batteries and had to be serviced. She ended up losing one and the other stopped working. So far, these are far superior. The charging station is convenient. It also comes with a cleaning kit and wire to clean out wax (which can disrupt the proper functioning of the hearing aids). 5 stars at the moment. $200 instead of $4000. Wow!

MX Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Dual Microphone - Pair
Dr. Teeth
The work excellently

I had Rx hearing aids also 3 years to the day I received these. The Rx were 5K!!! From my ENT. Thanks for insurance. They used batteries. Those batteries don't last very long and are expensive. One broke and out of warranty. 2K to refurbish the broken one. These are also most identical. Had a minor problem the first time using. My error! Representative answered the the phone in seconds. Better yet she resolved the problem in minutes. My advice read the directions twice or more before using. They are not complicated but important. The one drawback is that left and right are not marked once unpacked or at least I can't see any marking so I just put a tiny dot with a Sharpie on one of them. Great value for a great price.

No more withdrawing from the world

Successful on day one! Wore it all day from the second day. Still evaluating the noise canceling. Didnt realize how much I had withdrawn from the world because it wasnt worth the effort to try to participate in a conversation. I had lost upper range hearing and struggled to hear higher pitched voices and some words. Im more productive without any additional effort and energy being expended! The brain and ears are still making the most minor of adjustments after five days. I seem to be successful working on pushing the controls by touch makes it fast and easy. I dread taking them off when I go to sleep because I recognize that muffled sound when I dont have them on. Back to the world of the living and hearing for a very reasonable price! Hallelujah!

My wife has a $4,000 hearing aid and I feel this one is just as good for my needs.

I had been considering the purchased of a hearing aid (age 81) for many years and feel this one does what I expected and just as good as my wife's $4,000 set without all the hassels of quarterly visits for "adjustments" from the seller. The instructions are very clear and videos helpfull. Took a few experiments with setting these up and the controls, but they seem to do what I needed. I can now hear people in the room and can be part of the conversation again. No problem with TV and other sounds around me. I hope they will last me a long time and continue to perform as expected. Highly recommended for us old people.

Great customer Service

Hopefully the first review won't make it to printing. As a new wearer of hearing aids I was very much lost when it came to understanding how to take care of them. Well I thought they had quit working but needless to say, it was my error. After cleaning them properly and making sure they were turned up,(dumb) they work fine. In fact I can hear everything. Even when the dog walks across the room on carpet. These are great. I have had them for a year. I don't wear them all the time but when everyone says put your hearing aids on I do. Thank you Neosonic!!!!!

neosonic hearing aids

I use mine aids almost all waking hours. I have had no problems. I recommend them to other people.

I can hear!!! woo-hoo!!!

My dream finally came true of having hearing aids. I've had many hearing tests as a child but was never told I had hearing problems. As an adult, I had free hearing tests offered at certain locations and the audiologist didn't find damage in either of my ears. I did try the hearing aids they offered and heard sounds that I wouldn't have heard otherwise. $2000.00 was just not in my budget and had to pass up on making a purchase. When I did a general search on the prices for OTC hearing of aids, I came across an article comparing the types of aids offered online. I came across these that looked exactly like the prescription ones that I tried. The good reviews helped me in making my decision and I'm so thankful I ordered them and received within a few days. For the first time I could hear the TV on a low volume setting, noises outside, the quiet fan running, all types of sounds I'm not accustomed to and a neighbor walking by at a long distance saying hello. No longer am I mortified when I go to my medical appointments and not hearing my name called by the nursing staff or pretending to hear what people say and smiling politely even when not knowing what was said. This was the best gift to myself and I'm thankful to my hubby who said, go for it!!

Well worth the money!

These are for my husband and for only having them for a week he is pleasantly surprised. Loves that they are rechargeable and fairly easy to operate.

They work!!!

I had gotten my husband a very expensive pair of hearing aids. However; he was never pleased with them. One of the hearing aids stopped working after a year or so and the other day he lost the last one.
He never liked wearing them, and only wore them at certain times.
So, I was a little reluctant to buy another pair. But I knew he needed something to help him hear. I started looking on Amazon to see what they had to offer. They had several to choose from!! I read a couple of the reviews that had been written, but I think the deciding factor for me to buy Neosonic Hearing Aids was the fact that they had something about being for severe hearing loss. And of the others that were advertised on Amazon I did not see those words.
I knew my husband had severe hearing loss.
He received the hearing aids on May 10th and he has worn them every day since then. He seems to like them very much! A feature that I like, is that they are rechargeableNo More Buying Batteries!!!
Thank you Neosonic for making a great pair of hearing aids!!!!
A happy wife and satisfied customer!

short time user

Had a small problem registering the purchase, but customer service took care of that quickly without any fuss. Will provide more feedback after I have used them for a month or so.

Great Quality

Product is great quality for the price. My dad seems to really be hearing better and it shipped fast which is a huge plus.


I got these for my husband, who has had hearing issues for years, but we were able to live with it until recently. After 12 weeks of daily hyperbaric treatments, his hearing was almost completely gone. I, on the other hand, have a hearing condition called SCD....loud sounds/noises make me dizzy. Imagine how much fun we had doing ANYTHING together....NOT! Even talking was stressful because I had to raise my voice so much it made me dizzy!! Now, with these hearing aids, my sanity is restored and HE CAN HEAR!!

Worth for the money

I recently purchased a pair of hearing aids from Neosonic for my mom. She has been wearing them for a few weeks now and she am extremely impressed with their performance. The sound quality is crystal clear and she is able to hear even the smallest details in conversations and music. The hearing aids are also very comfortable to wear and she hardly notice them in her ears. The battery life is impressive and she can wear them all day without needing to recharge. The customer service from the company was also excellent; they were very helpful in assisting me with the selection and fitting of the hearing aids. Overall, I would highly recommend Neosonic hearing aids to anyone in need of a quality hearing solution.

MX Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Dual Microphone - Pair
A true miracle.

My spouse of 54 years, very hard working man who worked around loud electronic noises in military and jet engines while spending 36 years with his company was nearly deaf. I had asked him so many times to get hearing aides but he refused because of the cost. Idk what happened whether it be he was missing out on conversations during golf or playing billiards but one day he decided to order these hearing aides. The change in him is nothing short of a miracle. Nothing is more perfect than natural hearing ability but when youve gone probably 10 years without hearing basic sounds, having to use closed captions and a wife who feels completely isolated from her lifes partner, it is as close to perfect as one can get. That being said..

1. He can hear coffee drip into the carafe and it amazes him. Can you even imagine?!!!
2. I dont have to repeat myself two-4 times because he cant hear.
3. He is laughing, smiling and interacting again with people and not missing out on the punch line or the conversation.
4. I no longer feel isolated and I know he does too.
5. Only tiny issue is that when the wind blows, it gets loud in his ears. Not a significant issue.
6. Batteries last all day.
7. TV is not blaring and so momma doesnt get headaches from noise pollution??
8. We can talk quietly and not everyone from 10 yards away can hear my words??
9. The aides are silver and blends into his hair nicely. Hardly noticeable and very small.
10. Volume control is very easy to adjust.
11. Sound quality is wonderful. He can hear water dripping.

I love that he did this. He hears sounds he hasnt heard for years, like the wind in the trees, birds, squirrels chirping and chattering. His friends, I know, feel lots better not having to repeat themselves.

The thing is, hearing loss is a big deal for all humans. It isolates us, we feel left out, it can cause depression, loneliness and anger. I know he is extremely happy now being able to enjoy the beautiful sound of nature again. If I could have given 10 stars ????????????????????
I would have. These easy to use and effective aides are worth every penny spent on them and more. Thank you!