B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair
B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair
B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair
B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair
B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair
B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair

B10 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charging Case - Pair

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  • RECHARGEABLE - Rechargeable, with a portable, magnetic charging station. The built-in high performance Li-on battery enables each charge to last 20 hours.
  • PORTABLE CHARGING CASE - The charger has it's own battery which allows you to charge the device on the go. It will provide an additional 40 hours of usage before needing to reconnect to a power source. 
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY - With 6 WDRC compression channels and 12 frequency bands, this device provides the best natural sound clarity. 
  • POWERFUL AND NO WHISTLING - The B10 uses advanced feedback cancelling technology to provide 50 dB maximum sound gain with virtually no whistling. 
  • EASY OPERATION - Automatically powers on when taken out of the charger, and automatically turns off when put back on the charger. 


with advanced charging system
  • High Power
  • Portable Charging
  • 6 WDRC Channels
  • Advanced Feedback Canceling


Advanced technology brings you natural clear sound

50 dB max sound gain provides enough amplification for mild to severe hearing loss


Advanced feedback canceling provides virtually no whistling


6 WDRC compression channels and 12 frequency bands provides natural clear sound.

Three built-in programs (modes)

  1. Normal - for mild to moderate hearing loss
  2. Noise Reduction - for noisy environments
  3. High Power - for severe hearing loss
B10 Pair


B10 rechareable hearing aid
  • Magnetic charging base
  • 3 hours to fully charge
  • 20 hours of usage per-charge

The portable charger has it's own battery that provides an additional 40 hours of usage


The portable charger itself can be charged with a power cord or wirelessly with a standard wireless charger (come in the package as a bonus)

B10 rechareable hearing aid
B10 in the box


Watching TV (without maxing out the volume)

Stop annoying your family with loud TV volume, now everyone can enjoy a show together!

Talking on the Phone

Never miss important details while on the phone and easily hear the other person on the phone.

Crystal Clear Conversations

No more pretending to hear or asking "what." Cleary hear every detail of your conversations.

Hear Well in Noisy Environments

Theaters, church, games, meetings, restaurants... you name it. You'll be able to hear well everywhere!

Enjoy Staying Active

No matter the activities you enjoy, your renewed hearing will give you the confidence to stay active.

Decrease Risk of Injury

Daily life is dangerous (driving) when you’re unable to hear well. Increase your alertness and balance.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
R.F. (Altoona, AL, US)
B10 Hearing Aids.

I just received my pair,,I love the ease of use,,and the price can’t be beat,,shipping was prompt and super fast..
I’ve worn hearing aids for years..my prior provider was no more..so I needed a new one.
This company I’m staying with.

Susie Q (Houston, TX, US)
Hearing aids

We bought these for my 89 year old MAMA BEAR just to SEE the SMILE ON HER FACE was the 🥰 💞 PERFECT reaction of LOVE that it was worth ever penny! Also When my husband got in the truck talked to her in a NORMAL voice and she answered to quickly MADE BOTH THEIR LIFE AWESOME!!! AMAZING AND REASONABLE PRODUCT WITH THIS DISCOUNT HALF OFF!!!!! ONLY $300!!!

Julie Moran (Peekskill, NY, US)
Worth the money !

After I broke both of my very expensive hearing aids I was reluctant to buy any hearing aids online but could not afford the expensive ones again . I gave Neosonic hearing aids a try and I’m very pleased . They absolutely help and are worth the money spent . They provide the same amplification as expensive hearing aids and they have several settings. They are comfortable and light weight . Thank you neosonic for providing help for those of us with hearing impairment that can’t afford traditional hearing aids !

Irene (Buena Park, CA, US)
Absolutely worth every penny!

Great product, it works perfectly! And to think that I almost fell on the trap of those hearing aids ( that my doctor recommended) which cost a fortune...$2,900 a pair???

I'm so happy I followed my husband's advice and looked for a hearing aid online. It cost more than ten times less than those with fancy names and crazy prices. I have found it easy to wear and nobody can see it, even though I keep my hair very short.

Pandora (La Mirada, CA, US)
Neosonic hearing aids are perfection. Don't spend a fortune on prescription aids. Buy these.

I have a moderate hearing loss. Prescription hearing aids cost 3000 dollars. I couldn't afford them. Plus my aunt has them and has a lot of trouble with them. Ordered the neosonic aids from Amazon. They are amazing. The clarity and control of frequency is excellent. No screech or background noise. Easy to insert. In short, they are perfection. When I remove them at night all sounds seem so far away so I think my hearing loss is beyond moderate. When I insert these aids in in a different world. Do not spend a fortune for hearing aids buy this product. You will be happy as a clam with them.......Renee from Yonkers.

High Quality and savings

I have worn $2000 hearing aids for about five years now. I have moderate hearing loss from wearing headphones for my job in radio. I have a loss of high frequencies making it difficult to understand conversations, especially in noisy environments.

Recently my expensive right hearing aid stopped working so I looked into replacing the single unit with something affordable, after seeing how the prices of hearing aids have increased since I bought mine. The 45 day money back guarantee and the good reviews for Neosonic convinced me to give them a try. I am very pleased. The normal setting is satisfactory for most situations, but last week I was driving in pouring rain, and the rain noise on the roof of the car was disturbing. I switched to the Noisy setting which reduced the rain noise to a very comfortable level. This unit is constructed every bit as high quality as my expensive hearing aid and works just as good for me.

L Perry
Simple and good deal

Just what I was looking for for my mom. She needed something very easy to use and at a good price. She is very happy and keeps telling me how much she enjoys hearing the birds by her window again. Thank you!