Comparing NW10 and NW20

neosonic nw10 neckband listener


neosonic nw20 neckband listener


neosonic nw20 ear buds
Mangetic Earbuds - NW20

There are magnets on the back of the earbuds that allow them to stick together so that they don't dangle around and stay nice and neat.

neosonic nw20 neckband
Ergonomic Neckband Design - NW20

The neckband design has been improved with comfort in mind. The neckband is shaped specially to fit the curve of the neck to provide better comfort.

neosonic nw20 wire connection
Improved Wire Connection - NW20

The wire is housed in the middle of the neckband, compared to the NW10 where the wire is coming from the end. This makes the wire shorter, easier to manage, and more durable.

neosonic nw20 volume adjustment
Individual Volume Adjustment - NW20

he neckband features controls on both the left and right side that can be adjusted separately from the other ear to match your unique hearing needs.