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Neosonic SF Bluetooth Hearing Aid, App Controlled Digital Bluetooth Hearing Aid, Self Hearing Testing and Fitting

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  • APP CONTROLLED - Simply connect your Bluetooth hearing aid to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth connection. (Not intended for listening to your phone via Bluetooth).
  • SELF FITTING - Automatic hearing test to ensure perfect fit, includes an optional manual setting to fit your unique hearing aid needs.
  • APP CONTROLLED - Your Bluetooth hearing aid works with iPhone or Android phone/tablet. 
  • MILD TO MODERATE HEARING LOSS - Best hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss with a 40dB peak gain, no whistling digital sound
  • ADAPTABLE SOUND - Includes 4 amplifying settings for different listening environments and selectively amplifies human voices so you don’t miss a word
  • SMALL AND COMPACT - A small hearing aid for all day comfort. Weighing only 3 g, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • QUALITY HEARING AIDS WE STAND BEHIND - 1-Year Warranty, 45-Day Trial Period

Quality Hearing Aids We Stand Behind

45 days trial period

45-Day Trial Period


1-Year Warranty

free shipping

Free 3-Day Shipping

What a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Does For You

It is like your own personal, on demand audiologist!

  • Adjusts to your unique hearing needs, automatically.
  • Preforms a customized hearing test
  • Connect to your phone or tablet for one touch simple control
  • Personalize your hearing preferences on the go using your app
  • 35 dB peak sound gains provides amplification for mild to moderate hearing loss

Automatically Adjusts Your Hearing to Your Environment

You are unique and so is your hearing. The SF Bluetooth Hearing Aid will customize your hearing aid to your exact needs.

It Even Preforms a Customized Hearing Test!

Automatic Hearing Test

No need to go to another expensive doctor's appointment. The SF Bluetooth Hearing Aid will automatically perform a hearing test to customize to specific hearing needs

Different Hearing Needs in Each Ear?

No problem, this hearing aid will customize both ears.

What if my hearing changes over time?

No need to replace your hearing aid just because your hearing needs change. Simply run the hearing test again and your app controlled hearing aid is customized to your current hearing needs.

Adjust Your Hearing Preferences On The Go

Outside on a very windy day and want to adjust your hearing aid a tad? Sitting next to a screaming baby in a restaurant?

Now you can actually tweak the sounds you do not want to hear and the sounds you do want to hear using our app that's so easy to use!

You don't need to see an audiologist to get a customized hearing aid

The Neosonic SF Bluetooth Hearing Aid is an All-in-one solution for you

Worry Free High Quality Hearing Aids

Includes a 45-day trial

Not sure if the SF Hearing Aid is right for you? No problem, simply use our 45-day risk free trial and get a full refund if it doesn't meet your hearing needs.

Small, Nearly Invisible Hearing Aid

So small, you'll forget you're wearing it!

As thin as a pencil! This small hearing aid has an elegant, slim body design. It is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 3 g (that's how much a paperclip weighs!). Giving you all-day comfort.

Includes 4 Listening Programs

Because your hearing aid should be customized to your needs

Speech mode (conversations, meetings)
Low Mode (crowds, restaurants)
High Noise Mode (traffic)
Windy Mode (outdoor, driving)

This Affordable Hearing Aid Will Change Your Life

Using your SF Bluetooth Hearing Aid helps you enjoy many of your favorite activities. Here are just a few.

Watching TV (without maxing out the volume)

Stop annoying your family with loud TV volume, now everyone can enjoy a show together!

Talking on the Phone

Never miss important details while on the phone and easily hear the other person on the phone.

Crystal Clear Conversations

No more pretending to hear or asking "what." Cleary hear every detail of your conversations.

Hear Well in Noisy Environments

Theaters, church, games, meetings, restaurants... you name it. You'll be able to hear well everywhere!

Enjoy Staying Active

No matter the activities you enjoy, your renewed hearing will give you the confidence to stay active.

Decrease Risk of Injury

Daily life is dangerous (driving) when you’re unable to hear well. Increase your alertness and balance.

Quality Hearing Aids We Stand Behind

1 Year Warranty for free (best warranty on the market)
FDA Registered
45-Day No Hassle Trial Period
Audiologist Designed

Hearing Aids With No Whistling

The EZ Hearing Aid uses its patented adaptive feedback canceling to eliminate pesky whistling sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your hearing aids work for me?

Our ready-to-wear hearing aids were developed based on thousands of hearing loss profiles to fit the majority of common hearing loss cases, such as high frequency hearing loss due to aging. Also, there are multiple settings in the hearing aids that allow you to choose the best setting to match your own hearing profile

What if it doesn't work for me?

We believe that the only way to know if hearing aids are right for you is to wear them in the real world where you live, work and socialize. This is why we offer a 45-day trial period to ensure you find a perfect pair. If they don't work, simply return for exchange or refund. Our trial program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Do I need a hearing test?

Nope. No hearing test is needed when you order Neosonic ready-to-wear hearing aids. The Neosonic SF hearing aids will do the hearing test for you, without leaving your door. Based on your hearing test, the device will automatically customized to your hearing profile and enhance your hearing instantly

Should I buy one or a pair of hearing aids?

A pair. The brain processes signals from both ears for improved clarity and balanced sound. If you have hearing loss in both ears you will be able to hear much better with two hearing aids, and your satisfaction with those hearing aids will be much higher. If you only use one hearing aid, but have hearing loss in both ears, your brain must process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes the sound signal more difficult to understand. This is the main reason we offer you Buy One Get One Free to improve your quality of life.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free on all hearing aids purchase.

How long will it take for the hearing aids to be delivered?

We ship with Priority Mail for all hearing aids orders and it takes about 2 to 3 days to reach anywhere in the US continental.

Is there any warranty?

We offer 1-year manufacturer's warranty for all Neosonic hearing aids.

How Can You Make High Quality Hearing Aids So Affordable?

Like you, we believe that you should have the best hearing aids at 80% of the cost.

Cut Out the Middle Man

Eliminating fees like wholesale markup, retail markup, service costs, and the many other unnecessary fees and selling to you direct you can now save 80% of the cost of traditional hearing aids.

Skip the Doctors Appointment

Our hearing aids are adjustable, no need for a hearing test! Our hearing aids were designed by audiologists who custom designed them to meet the hearing needs of the majority of people. You no longer need a custom fit hearing aid; Neosonic hearing aids are adjustable!

What Comes with My Hearing Aid?


SF Hearing Aid

Equivalent to $1700 hearing aids. Comes with both left and right ear tubes.

7 of Hearing Aid Batteries

No need to buy battery in 2 months!

Protective Carrying Case

Take your hearing aids everywhere.

Extra Ear Domes

Different sized domes for custom fit.

Cleaning Brush

Keep your hearing aid in tip top shape!

Why People Say This is the Best Hearing Aid

"I can't believe how easily I can use the app and the sound is better than the $4000 hearing aids I lost last week.

Cathy S

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lorraine (Austin, TX, US)

Do you have to buy two hearing aids or do they come as a pair

Bill Murray (Murrells Inlet, SC, US)
The Neosonic SF model checks all the boxes.

After having a $5,000 pair of hearing aids fail in just two plus years I did much research and decided to try the Neosonic hearing aid. It cost me just over 10% of what my previous hearing aids. Result, the Neosonic SF are outstanding. The self hearing test and automatic adjustment to your hearing needs proved to work beyond expectation. If you want to achieve great hearing at a fraction of the cost The Neosonic SF is the clear choice.

Daniel Milani (Queens, NY, US)

good choice

Julius Queen (McHenry, IL, US)
hearing aid

this is my second hearing aid with an app. The last one broke and was too expensive to replace. several of my friends at the gym use the SF and like it, so I ordered one. really like the support center people (i had a few questions when i was ordering). this is easy to use and saounds clear. happy with this company and the deal i got. definately buy!

Gregory Christopher (O'Fallon, MO, US)

I started to lose my hearing when I was in my 50's. I am now 72 and have used so many hearing aids. It is nice to see prices start to become reasonable. I am thankful for companies like this one. This is my first hearing aid with bluetooth and I have to say that I am very impressed. I had to get used to using my phone, since I have never done this before. Its great. I do feel like the sound customization is equal to the quality of my $4000 hearing aids. It is great to be able to rerun my hearing test whenever I wan to recustomize my hearing aids' sound.

excellent choice

this is an excellent choice for an app hearing aid.

Luke W. (Queens, NY, US)

excellent product