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Neosonic Mini RIC Digital Hearing Aid - Excellent Sound Quality with Receiver in Canal Hearing Aid Design

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  • EXTREMELY SMALL AND COMPACT - An invisible hearing aid, mini size in-ear receiver (RIC) design, to give you all day comfort. Weighing only 1.8 g, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • MILD TO MODERATE-SEVERE HEARING LOSS - Best hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss with a 40dB peak gain
  • ADAPTABLE SOUND - Includes 4 amplifying settings for different listening environments and selectively amplifies human voices so you don’t miss a word
  • SUPERIOR SOUND - Digital hearing aid sound quality and clarity with no whistling
  • QUALITY HEARING AIDS WE STAND BEHIND - 1-Year Warranty, 45-Day Trial Period

    Designed For Discreet and Performance

    Ideal for mild to moderate-severe hearing loss

    RIC hearing aids

    Advanced Receiver in Canal (RIC) Design

    This device utilizes Receiver in Canal model, which is the most advanced design in the industry that has been adopted by most of the high end brands. The device’s microphone and amplifier are housed in a small case that rests behind the ear, while the receiver is found in a small bud that rests in the ear canal. The receiver is connected to the case by a thin wire.

    Benefits of RIC:

    • Amplify high pitched sound well
    • Comfortable experience
    • Sounds more natural
    • Less feedback

    It's smaller than you thought!

    Discreet and invisible behind the ear, people won't notice you are wearing it.


    Might be too small for some people to operate.

    hearing aids RIC
    in canal hearing aids

    High Power and Versatile

    With 48dB peak gain, this device is powerful enough for anyone with mild to mid-severe hearing lose. Program 1&2 are for mild to moderate hearing loss; program 3&4 are for moderate-severe hearing loss

    hearing aids in canal

    Superior Sound Quality

    Neosonic Mini RIC is equipped with an advanced microchip that is manufactured by an US hearing health device company named Intricon, who also provides the same chips to other big brands hearing aids too. With 4 channels compression and 12 bands frequency adjustment, it separates speech from background noise meaning no more distractions, just perfect audio clarity.

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    Designed for High Frequency Hearing Loss

    Neosonic Mini RIC hearing aid put more boost on high frequency sound band. High frequency hearing lost is the most common type, mostly develops with ages. If you have difficulty distinguishing "boy" and "toy", this device is for you!

    very small hearing aids

    In the Box

    • 1x Neosonic Mini RIC
    • 1x user manual
    • 7x size 10 zinc-air battery
    • 1x cleaning tools
    • 2x double layer closed ear domes
    • 3x open ear domes
    • 1x carrying case
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    Hear Better Or Your Money Back!

    45 days money back guarantee

    Every hearing aid we sell includes a 45-day risk-free trial. This means you can test the hearing aid to determine if it meets your needs, if not, return within the 45-day limit, we’ll send you a full refund!

    1 year warranty

    We provide a free 1-year manufacturer warranty for every product we sell. If your hearing aids stopped working because of the defects in materials and workmanship within 1 year from the time you receive your order, we are going to repair that for you with no charge.

    best small hearing aids

    We know you can't wait to get a better hearing that's why we ship the order the SAME day if you put the order before 3 pm PST. We ship with the USPS Priority Mail for FREE and it usually takes about 2 to 3 days to reach anywhere in the US continental. You will receive a notice and a tracking number after we ship the order to you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Michael J
    Currently @ the top of the heap with no competition close by. Almost perfect.

    I got to tell you folks, these little guys (and I do mean smallest BTE-RIC aids available), are astoundingly good. I hear natural unconjested sound. Neosonics work and work well. Very comfortable to wear. Everything is nicely implemented and well thought out for just under $300 each. Room for improvement, you bet. Offer a silver, gray, or black color. Something in addition to that sick cheap looking fleshy color, as an option. Auditable beeps with volume changes. Slightly beefier volume control switch pads. The ability to remember volume settings when turned off overnight or during battery changes. Oh, before I forget, GREAT SUPPORT when you need it.

    I also own the IHEAR MEDICAL Max BTE with self programming kit. Very good aids also , but listen up, they are a distant second place to the Neosonics. I also tried the Ortofonix Eliets for 25 days before deciding they were just OK but not outstanding. I paid full price for the Neosonics and got nothing for this review. Just the chance to pass along the good word to you. Thanks, M Burke, Cincinnati Oh.

    Michael D
    I am well pleased

    I am well pleased with the Neosonic RIC mini digital hearing amplifier units recently purchased. I have previously owned very high dollar name brand RIC hearing aids as well as a pair of well known non custom hearing amplifiers. I find that these Neosonic RIC units are smaller than even my previous name brand units but do a great job, better than expected, even exceeding the custom name brand units previously owned.

    The controls are well thought out and easy enough to use. Battery life is better than I expected and the price makes these excellent units really affordable! I am a fan of RIC technology. Service was great and my order quickly arrived. I am really happy that my type of hearing loss is compatible with the correction these units provide.

    Shelly Saldana
    Best purchase at a fraction of the price

    I was so pleasantly surprised when my hearing amplifier arrived so quickly, earlier than processed. I had it up and running in no time and have worn it for two full days so far. It has greatly increased my ability to hear conversations, bells and even the clock on the wall which I had never heard before. It is small and I found it comfortable to wear. The booklet explains that it takes some time for your brain to get used to it. I find this true because I’m hearing a lot of noises I wasn’t aware of before. So far I have been really happy with my purchase and am glad I took the chance on purchasing it.

    If and when I need another one for my other ear, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again. I found the seller to be very diligent to make sure I was happy.

    Julian C
    Don't get near moisture of any kind!

    This unit does amplify quite well. However, unless you live in a dry climate and never sweat don't buy it. You get moisture of any kind near it and it starts beeping and beeping and is impossible to use. Ive come close to stomping this thing many times. Once it starts the crazy moisture beeping, take it out of your ear, open it up and let it set for about 24 hours and it might work or it might need another day of drying. If sweating and moisture is not a problem, i would recommend buying.

    Penelope W
    Great customer service

    My mom got this when she couldn't afford the $6000 for hearing aids. She immediately liked how much she could hear now. When reading the instructions, however, she got confused and thought she was supposed to cut the sound tube to size it (it really fit comfortably she just thought it was supposed to be sized. I do see how she got confused after looking at it). Unfortunately, the mini one she had doesn't have a sound tube exactly so what she cut was the wire effectively making it unusable! I contacted the company right away and they very kindly offered to replace her broken one. After they received it, they sent out a new one. They were prompt and understanding. She's loving her new one!

    Five stars

    I was going to wait to write a review for this hearing amp after I had used it for a while but after three days of using it I am going to strongly recommend it. It is so comfortable I dont even notice it anymore. It is easy to adjust the volume while wearing it and was comfortable in my ear right away. I had tried several in the ear devices because I thought that would be the best way to go but this device is so small that my wife can barely see it vs the other ones I tried. Another thing that is so nice about this one is the fact that there is virtually no noise in the amplifier as you turn the volume up. The in-the-ear aids I tried had so much hiss in them as the volume was turned up that they drowned out nearly everything else. That and the fact that you can turn it up with no feedback makes this a no-brainier. It costs more than most of the other hearing amps but its still thousands less than a hearing aid which makes it a great value in my opinion.

    Excellent Hearing Aid

    Excellent Hearing Aid, not expensive, easy to use and works wonderful. I recommend this product.