B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair
B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair
B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair
B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair
B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair

B20 Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal Hearing aids with Portable Charger - Pair

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  • RECHARGEABLE: No more fiddling with small batteries, comes with a portable charging case so you can charge on the go
  • SMALL AND DISCREET: The aid sits behind the ear and the wire is thin, making it comfortable for all day wear and nearly invisible to other people
  • RECEIVER IN CANAL (RIC): With our RIC design, the speaker inserts directly into the ear canal so you can experience more natural, clear sound
  • THREE LISTENING MODES: Switch between three programs (general, noise cancelling, power) depending on your needs and the environment you're in


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The Neosonic B20 is designed with the customer in mind:
  • The materials are safe for sensitive skin and durable.
  • The controls are simple to use to prevent confusion.
  • The hearing aid shell is designed to keep dust and sweat out.
  • The nickel alloy magnets on the charging ports help the hearing aids stay in place while they're charging.

    The B20 is designed specifically for high frequency hearing loss as a result of the aging process. If you find it hard to distinguish 't' and "d", 's' and 'c', this device is for you. (For more information about this, take a look here)

    Choose from 3 listening programs based on your environment and needs:

  • Normal
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Wide Band Amplification
  • neosonic b20 privide superb clarity
    Neosonic B20 in the charger



    Enjoy 18 hours of use from 3 hours of charging. The B20 comes with a portable charging case that holds enough power to fully charge the device 5 more times before you need to plug it back into an outlet.

    The charger also works as a convenient carrying box for the hearing aids.

  • Enjoy hassle-free use with our automatic power system.
  • Take the aids out to turn them on and put them back in to turn them off.
  • compare wire and tube
    Compare wire (left) vs sound tube (right).


    Enjoy a compact hearing aid that easily fits behind the ear. They are nearly invisible and are also comfortable enough to wear an entire day without any issue. The wire on the Neosonic B20 is thinner than traditional sound tubes and more flexible, which means it’s far more discreet and less likely to make your ears ache.


    The Neosonic B20 has a Receiver in Canal (RIC) which means that the speaker (receiver) is placed directly into your ear. The benefits of this design compared to sound tube based hearing aids are:

  • A more natural sound
  • Preserved sound clarity
  • Compare this to hearing aids where the sound quality is somewhat diminished when sound travels through the tubes and may sound odd.

    neosonic mx hearing aids


    • B20 Hearing Aids (Pair)
    • Instruction Manual.
    • Charging Station / Carrying Case.
    • 2X Closed Ear Domes (Small/Medium/Large).
    • 8X Filters
    • Cleaning Tool
    • AC Power Adapter
    • USB-C Power Cable


    Mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss

    40dB @ 2.5KHz

    200Hz to 4KHz

    1.25 X 0.3 X 0.3 inches

    3.5 grams

    ① normal ② indoor noisy ③wide band

    20 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery

    3 hours

    18-20 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are the prices of your hearing aids so low?

    Since we do not have to deal with any middlemen and because we ship directly to your door, we reduce operating costs and pass those savings onto you. That's the reason why you can purchase our products at a fraction of the cost compared to the leading brands which cost thousands of dollars.

    Will your hearing aids work for me?

    Our ready-to-wear hearing aids were developed based on thousands of hearing loss profiles to fit the majority of common hearing loss cases, such as high frequency hearing loss due to aging. There are multiple settings in the hearing aids that allow you to choose the best setting to match your own hearing profile.

    What if it doesn't work for me?

    We believe that the only way to know if our products are right for you is to wear them. Work, socialize and go about your day with them on to see if they really work for you. This is why we offer a 45-day trial period to give you enough time to adjust to them. If they don't work, simply return for an exchange or refund. Our trial program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

    Do I need a hearing test?

    No. A hearing test is not needed when you order Neosonic ready-to-wear hearing aids. Studies show 80% of people experience similar hearing loss, so there's no need for a custom fit. Our ready-to-wear hearing aids were developed based on thousands of hearing loss profiles to fit the majority of common hearing loss such as high frequency hearing losses due to aging. Every hearing aid we sell has 2-4 settings that fit 80% of people! And if it doesn't? We'll give you 100% of your money back!

    How long will the battery last?

    The battery can be charged/discharged for 500 times before it reduces to 80% of the capacity. In other words, when it's new, the hearing aid can work for 18 to 20 hours per charge. After 500 times charges/discharges, the hearing aid can work 16 hours per charge.

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is free on all orders. You can also pay for expedited shipping if you need it.

    How long will it take for the hearing aids to be delivered?

    We ship with Priority Mail for all hearing aids orders and it takes about 2 to 3 days to get to any continental US state.

    Is there any warranty?

    We offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for all Neosonic hearing aids.

    What are the different programs that are on the B20?

    Program 1 - Normal Indoor / Mild Hearing Loss
    Program 2 - Noisy Environment
    Program 3 - Wide Range for Moderate Hearing Loss

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Carls, F (Seattle, WA, US)
    Very affordable, great sound and clarity, great customer support

    Very good so far, I got these yesterday. Put them on, I like the fit. Very comfortable and small behind my ear. I was concerned about that as I wear glasses.
    I have them at the lowest setting and hearing is good. My tinnitus is canceled which is amazing how they can do that.
    The clarity verses others Ive tried to really good.
    I called customer support today for some questions, Kevin was very helpful and took care of me. Very good customer support.
    I didnt want to go with the Dr expensive ($2000 - $8000) hearing aids. Glad I found a good alternative. Saved me a ton of money.
    Very happy customer.

    Gary, L (Harvey, LA, US)
    Happy So Far

    I was looking for an affordable hearing device that would help me hear higher frequencies. I am still trying these babies out, but so far I am very happy with them. I like that they are rechargeable and light weight. My wife didn't even know I was wearing them.

    James F (Jacksonville, FL, US)
    Fantastic Clear Sound!

    Right out of the box, without any fine tuning, hearing aids had a wonderful natural sound. They were even great using my cell phone. No feed back at all.
    Even ordered a pair for my wife, super picky about her hearing aids. Took a little bit more tuning to please her. She now said they have the best sound she has ever had we have spent $3000 to $6000 on her aids.
    Not just the price I paid for our new aids, they have not just the very best bang for the buck, the sound is far superior in all situations the our previous much more expensive hearing aid had!!
    I will recommend these hearing aid to all I know that require hearing help!! Thanks
    PS. The new design I believe really helped deliver the Natural sound Voices are sharper even in a crowded room or table. Superb in One on one conversations as. No more trying to read lips ! One word FANTASTIC
    Thank Yall so much for producing such a fine instrument !

    ,Allan S (New York, NY, US)
    Great hearing aid at a great price

    This is a really good hearing aid. RIE, rechargeable, small, powerful and has a great response. Easy to control as all controls in a rocker switch. Much better than any other low price hearing aid I've had. I recommend.

    Allyson B (Washington, DC, US)
    Helped me hear better and stop talking so loud.

    These are great for my mild-moderate hearing loss. I've lost my hight tones and was having trouble hearing. My family said I was so loud. I started being self-conscience that I was yelling everywhere. My tinnitus was deafening at times. I went to an audiologist who said I was speaking in much higher decibels than the average person, I did have 25% hearing loss in both ears and aids could benefit me. But at $4000, I was skeptical I would really use them. I started looking for something of quality that I could use now for a year or so until my next audiologist visit. After finding these and getting use to them in the steps they advised, I have to say they are AWESOME! Now they aren't the $4000 Bluetooth/programmable to noisy places but they have helped me a lot.
    I plan to continue using them for the next year and possibly purchasing the step up of this brand to see how I like the Bluetooth version with the noise canceling feature to use for the next couple years after that. I really have been please with the sound quality and ease of use for such a low price point.