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Mini RIC Hearing Amplifier Domes (3 Pack)

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Soft Hearing Aid Domes for Neosonic Mini RIC Hearing Aid (3 Pack)

Please select the domes style that best suites your hearing needs. 

Customer Reviews

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Ray (Pensacola, FL, US)
Mini RIC Hearing Amplifier after 1 year

These Mini RIC Hearing Amplifiers are the best hearing aides I have ever used. They are light weight, I hardly know they are there, they are crystal clear, with a lot of head room to turn up the volume if you need to. They stay in the ear easily even without the security plastic, no need for it. I also can wear sunglasses and a hat without interfering with the aides. I wear them 16 hours each day with total comfort. I am totally satisfied with these and highly recommend them and this company to anyone needing to hear better and enjoy their life more.